Attn: Classical Music Performers and Pedagogues

Are You One of Us?

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It’s interesting…I’ve been a classical musician for most of my life. Though I’ve always been in the larger community of classical musicians, I’ve always felt like I needed to position myself as “unique” and “separate”

Of course, that is the nature of our profession, right? To stand out as much as possible in a way… but not TOO much… and not in the “wrong ways”… for fear of losing the “respect” of the community.

How strange considering what we ALL are, which is Creatives.

What is a Creative, you ask? 

Good question.

Here’s what a Creative ISN’T

A Creative isn’t bound by a set of unspoken “rules” within his/her own professional community.

A Creative isn’t a slave to the judgment of his/her own professional community.

A Creative isn’t prevented from pursuing work or interests outside his/her own professional community.

All that said, Creatives have a particular challenge – which is how to be creative in a world that… well, mostly ISN’T.

A world that enjoys creativity, but doesn’t necessarily REWARD it (financially speaking).

You know you are likely one of us (a Creative) if you have found yourself struggling with anything you’ve read so far.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to download The Creative’s Manifesto below….

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