MUSICIANS: Tired of  struggling to make ends meet, feeling overwhelmed & waiting for “normal” to return? (Hint: it won’t)

How to Reimagine Your Music Career and Start a Profitable Teaching Business 

(without sacrificing your health, well-being or freedom in the process) 


keeping aligned with your passion and goals (like performing)


You can make a living instead of “just making music”

You can burn rulebook and take control of your own destiny


Learning a new skill, paying lots of money for a certification or selling your soul to “hustle culture”

Right now, the music industry is upside down. Most are out of work, and even more are desperately trying to find their place in a post-COVID market

Here’s the good part… 

COVID has also opened eyes to the world of possibilities (much, much better possibilities)…

In fact, my clients collectively earned $1, 102, 327 in the last 6 months with a few simple tweaks to what they were already doing 

They’re breaking tradition, innovating, experimenting, and changing the game.

They’re living life on their own terms. They’re no longer struggling. 

The truth is, with just a few simple steps, you can also experience/have: 

  • Financial freedom and security
  • A flexible schedule
  • Skills and tools to thrive in a booming online market
  • Career-life balance

Does This Sound Familiar/LIKE YOU? 

  • Experiencing a loss of performing opportunities and asking yourself “what next” in the wake of coronavirus restrictions 
  • Constantly hustling, but not seeing the results you want
  • Feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled
  • Afraid of giving up on musical dreams/passions
  • Exhausted with the hypercompetitive, exclusive box of Classical Music
  • Felt you were meant for more (but uncertainty stopped you from taking the leap)
  • Tried “Band-aid Programs” and left feeling something was still missing (hint: there is!)

Ready to stop sacrificing well-being and/or happiness in the other areas of life for the sake of your career (musicians are notorious for doing this!)

If you said “YES” to any of these, you’re not alone! Many musicians are feeling lost, frustrated, and overwhelmed right now. They want to create, connect, and make a living doing it.

The problem – they’re searching in all the wrong places.

Say goodbye to 

The archaic, exclusive, stressful, stifling systems and standards of the music industry that are currently sucking the life out of you

And say hello to

Your New Reality of Lasting Well-Being, Freedom & Wealth

The online education industry is worth $187 Billion and will grow to $404 billion by 2025.

In fact, in the first 3 quarters of 2020 alone, investors poured $8.2 billion in the EdTech industry, which on its own generated almost $210 billion in revenue.

What if i told you that transitioning into this billion-dollar world doesn’t have to be hard….

Remember those clients I told you about? The ones making all that money? 

They did it by creating fabulous new programs in the music education space 

My clients aren’t lucky or special – they don’t have a magic wand or secret sauce – they are regular everyday people like you who decided to stop wasting time with band-aids aids and empty promises and do the work to create real results – and every bit of this is possible for you too!


  • Helping people, changing lives (and doing it on your terms)
  • Waking up every day following what your soul desires (and making tons of money while doing it) 
  • Experience greater connection with your work and audience (the foundations of our industry)
  • Feeling empowered to advocate for yourself and others rather than the status quo (hello, classical music) 
  • Saying YES to the opportunities that inspire you (and NO to the ones that do not)
  • Having the time and energy to focus on yourself as well as your craft, and align them well (imagine creating amazing art, WITHOUT risking your health and happiness to do it) 

Being (and staying) Healthy & Wealthy in every area of your life


Music Career Revolution: Passion to Profit

Music Career Revolution is an online course that not only teaches you how to create the music career you want, make money, and feel inspired in the process

There is NO other course out there like this! Music Career Revolution offers a unique holistic approach that incorporates all the business skills you need, as well as an emphasis on balance and focus through wellness that recognizes the deep relationship between business and self. 

Through the MCR approach, you will explore this connection in all areas of life, identify how they influence your choices and actions, and begin building the foundation for a versatile, flexible, and enriching career centered on YOU.

What we cover…

> Proven strategies for navigating the unexpected (so that you NEVER have to wonder where your next paycheck will come from) 

> A step-by-step guide to tackling the “what next” question and taking the next step (curiosity – avoiding – how they screw up alone)

> The 8 principles to creating the career you want (And why NO ONE is talking about them)

> The 3-step process for how you can increase your income (because you deserve financial freedom)

> Strategies for having a kick-ass career without sacrificing well-being to do it!

> Standard holistic wellness principles every musician should be using (but isn’t) and how to incorporate them for better health and career success

> PLUS my personal advice for reinventing a thriving music career, no matter your path (as someone who’s DONE it — hint: you get avoid all the mistake I made)

…and much more!

Course Outline

white beads on question mark sign

1. How to Crush the Box

  • Take back control – Whatever has brought you to this course, you’re likely at a crossroads… A point at which you ask yourself “what next?”. We’ll take a look at this question from 3 perspectives, and set the groundwork for finding your answer(s)!
  • Forge Ahead (On your own terms) – Rediscover your Story through guided activities, and learn how to rewrite harmful narratives to better align yourself with your career

jigsaw puzzle on pink background

2. Discover Your Genius

Get a Clear Picture – Ever wonder how even “successful” (in the traditional path) musicians aren’t satisfied? Get the answer, and meaningful solutions with the 7 Wealth & Well-being principles.

7 Up to Level Up – Learn how to harness the power of the 7 Wealth & Well-being principles to your benefit with my exclusive easy-to-use method.

three black camera lens

3. Focus

  • Prioritize – #Realtalk about what musicians should focus on and what they actually focus on when it comes to career progression (and how you can change it for yourself, for good)
  • Secret Unveiled – The #1 thing you HAVE to have in order to reinvent a thriving career (and why you haven’t heard of it)

4. Connections

  • Mindset – The mindset you need to ‘live your best life’…in and out of the practice room
  • Plans & Pursuits – Begin putting your new found knowledge into an actionable plan, and discover helpful strategies to use along the way

5. Making Your Business a Reality

  • Financial freedom – It is possible! Here we explore what financial freedom looks like for you and how to get there.
  • Biz Basics – How much should you charge for lessons, freelance gigs, coaching, etc? What’s the best business model for your goals? How do you ‘get out there’ and make it all work (for you)? Everything you need to know to get things started right!

6. Forge Ahead Like a #BOSS

  • ‘New’ Music – Learn how to ditch the ‘starving artist’ hustle and pivot your career without the headache.
  • Make it Happen – Using the Biz Basics and my carefully designed strategies, begin laying the groundwork for your business – create a pricing structure, develop your course, build your network. The sky’s the limit. And you’re the #boss.

Ready for better?

Go at your own pace! There are 8 topics with multiple sections, activities, and resources in each. You will have access to videos and digital downloads – including a weekly topic introduction, step-by-step guides, weekly challenges, and sample emails and documents. You can watch and play back as many times as you need.

No more Band-aids. Think Taylor Swift here: “Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes”… Many “solutions” available out there are nothing more than a Band-aid “fix” to a deeper, more complex problem that requires more dedicated attention. Revamping your business, recruiting students, and getting social-media savvy are all great skills, but they ignore the root cause of your career woes. They won’t bring you the holistic focus you deserve, and they won’t give you the total mindset shift you need to make lasting change!

Build a community. Join a growing group of like-minded musicians who are exactly where you are: tired of a one-size-fits-all system that leaves them uninspired, unfulfilled, and unpaid. And, who want more and are ready to take the first step. You will be added to a closed Facebook group for discussion, questions, and troubleshooting along your course journey.

Meet Your Coach

Hello! I’m Katherine Lewis and creating thriving, fulfilling music careers has been my passion for a long time.

When I was in the middle of enjoying life as a successful (by traditional standards), stable professional musician, Life threw me a curve ball. 6 years into an Army career, I was diagnosed with 2 chronic illnesses which ended in a early retirement from service.

My career (as I knew it) was over… What next?

I was at a crossroads I’d not been prepared for. They don’t tell you in college about this moment. So, I panicked (at first). I had no idea at the time that this was the beginning of everything.

After chance advice from a colleague, I began to reevaluate the narratives I’d accepted as truth… like “If I don’t perform with X institution, I’ve failed”; “Without X number of students, I’m not really a teacher”; and “I can’t do anything other than play my instrument, or I’m not a “real musician””. I soon discovered the biggest truth – I had the power to create my own music career!

Along my journey, through plenty of trial and error, I found the key to thriving in any new career adventure (it’s not what you think) and uncovered the formula for career/life balance.

Fast forward 9 months…

It worked. I was able to transition from “what next” to “this is it”. My studio was growing, I’d started a business, and for the first time I felt balanced. Sharing what I’d learned became my new mission. I wanted EVERY musician to feel as fulfilled, energized, and successful as I did.

Let me show you how to navigate the unexpected, take ownership of your future, and reinvent what it means to be ‘successful’ in music!

Let’s make something beautiful together.

The investment for Musician Career Revolution is $97. See payment options below.